Tasting Room Taps

Czech Sheet
Czech Pilsner
Let’s Play!
Dry Hopped Pilsner
Fresh Hop Ready Player One
Fresh Hop Saison – Hops (Willamette)
Game On!
Honey on Your Stinger
Dry Hopped Pale Ale w/ Honey
Stable Genius
Hazy IPA – Hops (Mosaic)
It’s a Barred Rock Life
Hazy India Golden Ale
From Six to Midnight
Imperial Hazy IPA w/ Tangerine
Go Hef Yourself
Loyal AF
American Wheat Ale w/ Strawberry & Blackberry
Get To The Chopper
Vienna Lager
Sweep the Leg
Japanese Rice Lager
Belgians Love to Party
Belgian Pale Ale With Citrus Zests
Loowit/Level We Are Brut Squad
Brut Saison w/ lemon peel
Let Me Be Blunt
Nitro – I’d Like to Speak to a Manager
English Brown w/ pumpkin, spices, coffee & lactose
Level/Von Ebert/Migration Cask – Go See a Star War

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